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Emergency Management Toolkit

The Emergency Management Toolkit contains the following items:

- a manual to take you through the whole process step by step. Sample page:

- procedures, guidance and tips on a range of related issues with respect to the mailroom

- documents introducing biological and chemical threats, explaining each of the main agents: their background, incubation period, symptoms, how they are transmitted.

- instructions, guidelines and a wide range of forms to help you manage the media in a crisis situation

Obtaining The Emergency Management Toolkit

The Emergency Management Toolkit can now be obtained online and downloaded to your PC. To procure your own copy, simply visit our Purchase Page and follow the instructions given.

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What's New
25. January. 2004
Further information added to the biological threat section. We will be updating the chemical threat section soon.

2. April. 2004
The mailroom procedures have been reformatted. The update of the chemical threat section has also been completed.